Youth and Family Events

Mini-Golf is perfect for youth events, such as summer camps, school field days, early dismissal days and after school programs. The older kids love it too for Senior Picnics, After-Prom Parties and the Post-Graduation 'lock-in' events that help keep your kids safe. Great for Family Fun Night Fundraisers and PTA / PTO events

Corporate Events

If you're having a company event, why not add the fun of Mini-Golf! Mini-Golf is a great activity for the entire family at the company gathering.  As a “team-building" activity, our 9-hole course is an excellent way to facilitate bonding with team members and relieve stress.  The course can be setup inside or outside and clubs, balls and score cards are included (which can be customized for your event).

Weddings and Private Events

Yes, that's right, Weddings! Outdoor, casual weddings are trending as the 'new thing' which offers something different to guests. Games like Corn-Hole and other lawn games are becoming increasingly popular. Why not take it to the next level, something outside of the traditional box. Give them Mini-Golf!!

Mini-Golf To Go

Our miniature golf course is a completely portable, 9-hole mini-golf course. We deliver it to your location and set it up for your event. The course fits comfortably in an area of 1200 square feet. Set up in under 30 minutes, inside or outdoors.

The course is made from a high density foam with several coats of a hard plastic coating which adds strength and durability. This coating ensures that there are no sharp or rough edges which could cause cuts or slivers that you might get from a metal or wooden course.

We provide all you need to experience the fun of a mini-golf course. Our putters vary in size from 24" for our younger players to 40" for those adults who are 6 feet or taller. For the youngest players, we also have plastic kiddie putters that are just 19" long.  Along with the clubs, we provide colored balls, scorecards and pencils.

We also offer the option of branding the players scorecards with your company logo, school mascot or for a wedding, the bride's and groom's name.

In the words of one of the kids that played at our first event, "Who doesn't love Mini-Golf?"


Interested in learning more?

Please contact us for availability, to answer any of your questions or provide you with a personalized quote for your event.